Meditate to Regenerate team is pleased to announce our third tour to Jordan that will take place in April 2015. A group of 22 volunteers will be working with schools, universities and other NGOs we collaborated with in the past, in order to foster our relationships, reach out to even more people in the area and provide follow-up sessions for people who attended our workshops during previous tours in Jordan.


The tour will begin on the 3rd of April and will continue for two weeks, followed by another three weeks of follow up sessions.


Our programs will consist of a series of workshops and concerts that aim to help attendees fully realise their truepotentioal, reduce stress and improve psychological and physical wellbeing  and resilience. This will allow better decision-making, as well as greater efficiency and productivity at work. Our concerts will consist of world music and dance performances by youth musicians, to achieve the same goals through music. We will use meditation techniques as a core tool in our workshops for its effectiveness in generating resilience, social cohesion and a holistic wellbeing experience. The number of participants can range from 35-50 people per workshop and up to hundreds for a concert. As in our previous projects, we will run several parallel workshops at the same time. Ideally we would work with participants continually over 2 to 3 sessions. This allows participants to establish the wellness experience of the program.


As always, our workshops are free of charge, as the experience of meditation we teach is priceless. Therefore, in order to cover the costs of the tour, your donations are essential for our success.


The total amount of $16,220 is needed to make this tour happen!

We really appreciate your generosity!




 Please find below the breakdown of costs.


Jordan tour 2015 expenses:


Main tour (2 weeks)


                        Accommodation: $3872

                        Transportation: $3520

                        Food: $3520

Total logistics expenses: $10,912


Event expenses:

            Hall rental, advertisement and phone bills: $900

            Sound equipment rental: $760

            Workshop materials and equipment: $1000

            Other expenses: $800

Total event expenses:  $3,460


Registration fee:  ($2,376)*

Total amount required to raise for the main tour (two weeks): $11,996


Follow-up tour:



                        Accommodation: $1,260

                        Transportation: $1,260

                        Food: $1,386

Total logistics expenses: $3,906


Event expenses:

            Hall rental and advertisement: $500

            Workshop materials and equipment: $400

Other expenses:  $300

Total event expenses:  $1,200


Registration fee:  ($882)**

Total amount required to raise for the follow-up tour (three weeks): $4,224

Total amount to raise for both parts of the tour:  $16,220


*Each of the 22 volunteers pays a donation in the amount of $108 to support the expenses tour  

** Each of the 7 volunteers attending the follow-up tour is expected to make a contribution of $7 per day


Thank you for your support and generosity!