Meditate to Regenerate is proud to announce the Japan Project 2014. We are sending 22 youth volunteers to Japan during April 2014. The project will work with schools, businesses and charity organizations in Tokyo, Ibaraki, Yokohama and Kyoto, providing programs for stress reduction, wellbeing and lifelong learning.


The project will address the following needs:

  1. Japan is ranked third lowest among OECD countries in terms of work-life balance. According to Japanese National Survey of Health, work-related stress is the most common stressor in society, leading to health problems and financial difficulties. Reducing stress at work is shown to be benevolent to both the well-being of individuals and to organizational effectiveness, as it improves productivity.
  2. The mental silence achieved by our programs has been proven to significantly reduce stress in medical and clinical studies.
  3. Simple exercises to achieve mental silence and wellbeing have been shown effective in stress reduction for businesses and schools in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.


Our programs will consist of a series of workshops and concerts that aim to reduce stress, improve psychological and physical wellbeing, and achieve clarity of thought. This will allow better decision-making, as well as greater efficiency and productivity at work. Our concerts will consist of world music and dance performances by youth musicians, to achieve the same goals through music. We will use meditation techniques as a core tool in our workshops for its effectiveness in generating resilience, social cohesion and a holistic wellbeing experience. The number of participants can range from 35-50 people per workshop and up to hundreds for a concert. As in our previous projects, we will run several parallel workshops at the same time. Ideally we would work with participants continually over 2 to 3 sessions. This allows participants to establish the wellness experience of the program.


The mental silence experience in our program is always free of charge, as it is priceless. However, the operation of the project requires funding for logistics and event costs. The youth volunteers will pay for their own airfare and contribute to the cost of living during the project. In total, youth volunteers will pay for half of the project cost. We still need to raise $22,000 to cover the other half of the project cost (as listed in the following table). The budget estimate is based on 21 volunteers for 14 days. With more funding, we may be able to extend the project by including more volunteers or extend the duration of the project by a week. Your support in donation will be essential to the project. We much appreciated your generous support.