The Meditate to Regenerate team is pleased to announce our first tour to Ethiopia that will take place end of November to beginning of December 2016. Our volunteers will be working with schools, universities and other NGOs in Ethiopia, in order to reach out to the local people and provide various cultural activities alongside a meditation technique used to facilitate inner peace.


Our program will consist of a series of workshops and concerts that aim to help attendees fully realise their true potential, reduce stress and improve psychological and physical wellbeing and resilience. As in our previous projects, we will run several parallel workshops at the same time. To achieve the same goal, concerts will showcase diverse music and dance performances by youth from around the world.


Meditation techniques will be used as a core tool in our workshops as they are effective in generating resilience, social cohesion and a holistic wellbeing experience.


As always, our workshops are free of charge, as the experience of the meditation we teach is priceless. Therefore, in order to cover the costs of the tour, your donations are essential for our success.


A total of $5,000 is needed to make this tour happen!

We really appreciate your generosity!




Please find below the breakdown of costs.


Ethiopia tour 2016 expenses:


Main tour (2 weeks)


                        Accommodation: $1,000

                        Transportation: $2,000

                        Food: $1,000

Total logistics expenses: $4,000


Event expenses:

            Hall rental, advertisement and phone bills: $900

            Sound equipment rental: $1000

            Workshop materials and equipment: $300

            Other expenses: $800

Total event expenses:  $3,000


Registration fee:  ($100 x 20 = $2,000)*

Total budget to be raised for the tour: $5,000 


*Each of the 20 volunteers pays for their own flight on top of a donation in the amount of $100 to support the tour expenses 


Thank you for your support and generosity!