Shifting Perceptions, Opening Hearts

Feeling the bern of the tour so far, waking up to morning meditation required unlocking deeper reserves of energy; tapping into the universal life force which governs all living beings. Luckily, tour members have grasped this process and were able to maintain the happy smiles (fairly) frequently observed in the early hours of the Moroccan …

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Workshops in Casablanca

Early in the morning, before sunrise, we woke up to the sound of music blasting from speakers. After breakfast we headed to our first program of the day in Casablanca. We split into two groups, the other going to Rabat. Following a fairly pleasant bus ride we arrived at L’heure Joyeuse, the organisation we were …

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Coincidence? I think not!

On my way from Casablanca airport, I was waiting at Casa-Port station for the next train to Skhirat. As I put down my cup of coffee, I saw a few Meditate to Regenerate members walking in the distance. I had to look twice because I couldn’t believe my eyes. I called out their names but …

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A day at Al Mansour school

Today we had our second workshop with the Al Mansouri school. When we arrived we found quite a number of the children waiting outside the hall we were to have our workshops in. It seemed that they wanted to join, but many were told to go back to their respective class rooms. We were left …

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From The Streets of Kyoto

Today we had the last event on our official program schedule. In the morning we headed to the Wings building near Kyoto station, where we had a meditation workshop. It was really beautiful and everyone could enjoy the peace together. While in Tokyo we were so busy doing concerts and workshops in Kyoto we had …

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Nagaike Nature Centre – Part2

After lunch we all gathered again at the serene and picturesque Nagaike Nature Park for another multicultural performance and meditation workshop. A kuchi pudi dance was performed followed by meditation and music in languages including English, Spanish, African, Hindi & Japanese.  The guests enjoyed the musical performances and participated by clapping and singing along.  The room …

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Zaateri camp

It was my first day on the tour and as we arrived to Zaateri camp, we saw the appalling conditions and the hardships the refugees have to go through, which really touched me, and at the same time outlined the importance of teaching meditation at this place. The first group of people we had a …

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