Coincidence? I think not!

On my way from Casablanca airport, I was waiting at Casa-Port station for the next train to Skhirat. As I put down my cup of coffee, I saw a few Meditate to Regenerate members walking in the distance. I had to look twice because I couldn’t believe my eyes. I called out their names but …

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A Packed & Fruitful Sunday!

The irritation of waking up early on a Sunday morning was soon gone when we were greeted by the  beautiful, warm Moroccan sun and the sound of the Atlantic waves making blowholes and barging against the beachrocks. A quick breakfast and 6 of us were off to INSEA (Institut National de Statistique et d’Economie Applique),in …

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School and University in Tokyo

Friday was a busy day as we had two workshops scheduled. It was a sunny Japanese spring morning when we all ventured to an elementary school in rural Tokyo. We set up the musical instruments in the assembly hall and by 10.30am had around 200 children of all ages sitting in front of us, all placed …

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Elementary School in Hachoiji

This morning we visited an Elementary School in Hachoiji and performed a multicultural concert with a variety of dances and devotional songs in languages including English, African, Spanish, Hindi and Marathi for students aged between 6-12 years.  We were given an overwhelming reception from the young children as they embraced the live performances by dancing …

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