The Great Gibran

I think I safely speak for most in saying that this day is one of the most memorable and amazing. For many reasons. We were all together, a coach full arrived at the start of the day to Gibran School where Meditate to Regenerate would work in groups hosting workshops to the classes of all ages, race …

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Workshops in Casablanca

Early in the morning, before sunrise, we woke up to the sound of music blasting from speakers. After breakfast we headed to our first program of the day in Casablanca. We split into two groups, the other going to Rabat. Following a fairly pleasant bus ride we arrived at L’heure Joyeuse, the organisation we were …

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A day at Al Mansour school

Today we had our second workshop with the Al Mansouri school. When we arrived we found quite a number of the children waiting outside the hall we were to have our workshops in. It seemed that they wanted to join, but many were told to go back to their respective class rooms. We were left …

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Bishop School, on Al Rainbow Street

We woke up excited and charged for our very first event, at the Bishop School on Al Rainbow Street in Amman. We met a group of around thirty choir students aged between 14 and 18 years. Our program began with some icebreakers and then moved into more active games involving groups of three, which led to hilarious …

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School and University in Tokyo

Friday was a busy day as we had two workshops scheduled. It was a sunny Japanese spring morning when we all ventured to an elementary school in rural Tokyo. We set up the musical instruments in the assembly hall and by 10.30am had around 200 children of all ages sitting in front of us, all placed …

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Kindergarten in Minamiosawa

We started the day to the beautiful rising sun and made our way to the Kindergarten in the Minamiosawa area of Tokyo. The program started with the cute four year old kindergarten students who came running and giggling into the rooms. They yelled out “konichiwa!” loudly. We performed songs for the children and a dance that was both …

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