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Under spotlight, Overjoyed

The final day of the tour had quietly crept up on the tour members, wholly unaware of the euphoria yet to be experienced that day. A welcome late morning meditation was accompanied with an underlying excitement in the air. The members were tired, of course, but joy of the events so far was overflowing from …

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Snails, anyone?!

Hearing the Adaan (the muslim call to prayer), seeing people walk around in traditional clothing and experiencing new sights in small villages and big cities… Being in Morocco is quite amazing when I stop and think about it.  After today’s concert and programme, though,I did notice that at the same time I feel at home …

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No fools this April!

This day started with an unexpected turn of events that really woke us up in the morning. Instead of having to leave around 12 the group who was going leafleting suddenly had to leave at 10 ‘o’clock. We learned this information while eating breakfast in our pyjamas. Suddenly the whole group had to get ready …

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Back to School!

Today was not going to be the typical Tuesday most of us usually have, for it was full of surprises and bliss. After getting ready and eating breakfast, we rushed outside and got to hear that the bus which was supposed to pick us up was going to be a bit late. We ended up …

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East meets West

After enjoying a full hearted healthy collective breakfast with fellow friends, brothers and sisters, thereafter the day began. Lenin our team doctor to hand lead a yoga session for those interested, full of sequences and stretches to energise us for the day. Being a gym goer I must say it was a lot harder than …

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A Packed & Fruitful Sunday!

The irritation of waking up early on a Sunday morning was soon gone when we were greeted by the  beautiful, warm Moroccan sun and the sound of the Atlantic waves making blowholes and barging against the beachrocks. A quick breakfast and 6 of us were off to INSEA (Institut National de Statistique et d’Economie Applique),in …

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The First Arrivals

And it starts with a bang!! With the official kick off of the tour we saw the first large group of volunteers arrive at our Villa in Shkhirat about 40kms from the Center of Rabat. Staying at an apartment in Rabat for the last few days a bunch of us were on the job meeting …

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A typical start to a Meditate to Regenerate Tour

9:30am touchdown in Amman. Already on the plane I’m getting a taste of the friendliness and hospitality of the Jordanians, helping with my bags and welcoming me to the country. It’s a bit tricky trying to work out the currency and disheartening to see my thousands of rupees exchanging to a mere forty Jordanian Dinar for …

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A6 Fundraiser_flyer

An Evening of International Culture

Meditate to Regenerate is proud to present an evening of cultural music, singing, spoken word, and dance for your entertainment to share the arts of our various international backgrounds. This evening will feature a unique fusion of Eastern and Western artistic contributions ranging from Indian Classical music performances, to modern acoustic guitar. Among other artists …

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Some big news!

After the Japan project in 2014 we are once again in the middle of organizing our next trip to Jordan. This will be our 3rd project in Jordan and once again we will be around 23 youths from all over the globe, some even coming all the way from Australia.  Last tour we collaborated with …

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