Workshops in Casablanca

Early in the morning, before sunrise, we woke up to the sound of music blasting from speakers. After breakfast we headed to our first program of the day in Casablanca. We split into two groups, the other going to Rabat. Following a fairly pleasant bus ride we arrived at L’heure Joyeuse, the organisation we were …

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The First Arrivals

And it starts with a bang!! With the official kick off of the tour we saw the first large group of volunteers arrive at our Villa in Shkhirat about 40kms from the Center of Rabat. Staying at an apartment in Rabat for the last few days a bunch of us were on the job meeting …

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Busy Cairo

The first five days here in Egypt have merged from one to the other into a whirlwind of taxi rides, meetings, cafés, more meetings, train rides, phone calls, even more meetings, and finally our first unofficial workshop two days ago with 26 young people from AISEC, a youth organization in Alexandria. Basically, the usual routine …

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A6 Fundraiser_flyer

An Evening of International Culture

Meditate to Regenerate is proud to present an evening of cultural music, singing, spoken word, and dance for your entertainment to share the arts of our various international backgrounds. This evening will feature a unique fusion of Eastern and Western artistic contributions ranging from Indian Classical music performances, to modern acoustic guitar. Among other artists …

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Cultural Concert and Tour, Ibaraki

We began our Saturday with breakfast at Seminar House and straight after our Tour Bus took us to Ibaraki. It was a 3 hours journey. We all felt such a relief to be in the countryside among rice fields, greenery and hills after high-tech speedy Tokyo :). We felt such peace and harmony in the landscape, and then …

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Kindergarten in Minamiosawa

We started the day to the beautiful rising sun and made our way to the Kindergarten in the Minamiosawa area of Tokyo. The program started with the cute four year old kindergarten students who came running and giggling into the rooms. They yelled out “konichiwa!” loudly. We performed songs for the children and a dance that was both …

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In Japan Meditation is Central to Japanese Culture

Meditation is Central to Japanese Culture

According to the teachings of Buddha, all material existence is impermanent (Anitya) and the cause of discomfort (Duhkha), and so to achieve fulfillment one must seek knowledge of the not-self (Anatman), which is the state of existence without the ego of the ‘I’ or ‘mine’. The ancient philosophy of meditation, which provides a path away …

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