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Grassroots to International

Today we were invited to do a workshop with the staff members of UNICEF Morocco! Obviously this was quite exciting because of the prestige their name carries, so we spent most of the day planning out the workshop. We took a team of six to run the session at 3 pm. The workshop was initially …

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The Great Gibran

I think I safely speak for most in saying that this day is one of the most memorable and amazing. For many reasons. We were all together, a coach full arrived at the start of the day to Gibran School where Meditate to Regenerate would work in groups hosting workshops to the classes of all ages, race …

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Shifting Perceptions, Opening Hearts

Feeling the bern of the tour so far, waking up to morning meditation required unlocking deeper reserves of energy; tapping into the universal life force which governs all living beings. Luckily, tour members have grasped this process and were able to maintain the happy smiles (fairly) frequently observed in the early hours of the Moroccan …

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The Last Art Gallery

Today we had another program which took place at the Mashrabia, Gallery of Contemporary Art in Cairo. We had a wonderful meditation, music and really thoughtful and deep conversations with the people at the program and lots of dancing! It was a very joyful program. At the end we even had a special performance by …

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I Found a New Me

“I found a new me”. One of the best responses I’ve heard on this tour so far. Alexandria has been different from Cairo in terms of weather, people and vibe since its located near the Mediterranean sea. After a three hour bus ride we reached a very fancy wedding hall with lights from beneath the …

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Art Lounge, Cairo

After feasting on a breakfast of fruit salad, crepes and nutella, those of us who remained at the flat started a weary yet inspired session of brainstorming and planning activities, introsoective exercises and balancing techniques for our programs over the next few days. We were treated to a delicious Egyptian lunch with our lovely neighbor …

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Creative Art Workshop and Children’s Museum Concert

Today we were split up into 3 groups; the first group which I was part of went to Darb to do a meditation workshop and an art programme. We left at 9AM for the first workshop which was at 11AM. Few people turned up but the small group that did were very interested, having already …

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Concert at the Embassy of India, Tokyo

Today is the day! The day of our biggest concert! so we started it in style by sleeping in till 10am. No one showed up for breakfast, we were all making the most of the first late start in a long time. Eventually we gathered and once some food had been found amongst our supplies, …

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Elementary School in Hachoiji

This morning we visited an Elementary School in Hachoiji and performed a multicultural concert with a variety of dances and devotional songs in languages including English, African, Spanish, Hindi and Marathi for students aged between 6-12 years.  We were given an overwhelming reception from the young children as they embraced the live performances by dancing …

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Welcome to Japan

After the success of the second Jordan tour Meditate to Regenerate is pleased to announce the The Japan Project 2014!  Approximately 21 youth instructors will be going to Japan for two weeks in late April to conduct Meditate to Regenerate programs within Japanese corporations and schools. We believe that our mental silence meditation, self development …

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