Creative Art Workshop and Children’s Museum Concert

Today we were split up into 3 groups; the first group which I was part of went to Darb to do a meditation workshop and an art programme. We left at 9AM for the first workshop which was at 11AM. Few people turned up but the small group that did were very interested, having already …

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Darb 1718 Opening Concert

Today we had an opening concert for our inner peace art exhibition at Darb 1718 located at the Fustat area, Old Cairo. The gallery is an amazing space which exposes the art pieces that were brought together from all over the world, with the theme of inner peace. Our stage was located on a roof …

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First day with AIESEC

Today was our first day with AIESEC. We met up with fifteen members. Finding the location of the workshop was difficult. In the end it was absolutely worth it as the people there were very open minded and open hearted. During the workshop we were able to explain some of the main ideas of meditation …

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Children’s Museum and Live Concert

Today we visited the the Children Museum in Cairo. We had two programmes with young children from ages 6 to 12 years old. We split into two groups and had games and meditations for the children both outside and inside the building! Outside, we sat under a beautiful tree that was blossoming with pink flowers. …

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SOS Children’s Village

Today was our first official workshop on this tour. We went to both SOS Children’s Village and Fitra, a wellness organisation. With SOS Children’s Village we had two workshops, one for the children and one for the staff, followed by a concert for all. For the children we played games and took them through a …

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Busy Cairo

The first five days here in Egypt have merged from one to the other into a whirlwind of taxi rides, meetings, cafés, more meetings, train rides, phone calls, even more meetings, and finally our first unofficial workshop two days ago with 26 young people from AISEC, a youth organization in Alexandria. Basically, the usual routine …

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Visiting the Global Network for Rights and Development

On April the 15th, six member of our group went to the headquarters of the ‘Global Networks for Rights and Development’. We were approached by them after they saw our website, asking us to conduct a workshop for their staff and some of their volunteers. Most of the participant were women that had very inspiring …

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The weather today was incredible compared to the past three days. We finally had the sun above our heads! After the concert in the morning, we stayed at the Mahata Community Center, sponsored by Save The Children. We ran two parallel workshops with Save the Children staff members to show them the techniques of meditation …

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Back with Save The Children

Our past Jordan Tour was spent working with Save The Children, so we were excited to work with them again, as they are a NGO that does amazing and vital work here in Jordan. We took a bus, all our instruments and costumes to the Save The Children centre in Al Mfraq. We arrived at …

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Children’s Friends Center in Amman

We woke up bright and early to catch our bus to the Children’s Friends Center in Amman. This center specifically cares for children who come from abusive families, and as such, the children had noticeably different needs. Our first program was with a group of thirty children, all around 5 years old. Looking into the eyes …

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