Visiting the Global Network for Rights and Development

On April the 15th, six member of our group went to the headquarters of the ‘Global Networks for Rights and Development’. We were approached by them after they saw our website, asking us to conduct a workshop for their staff and some of their volunteers. Most of the participant were women that had very inspiring …

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The weather today was incredible compared to the past three days. We finally had the sun above our heads! After the concert in the morning, we stayed at the Mahata Community Center, sponsored by Save The Children. We ran two parallel workshops with Save the Children staff members to show them the techniques of meditation …

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Back with Save The Children

Our past Jordan Tour was spent working with Save The Children, so we were excited to work with them again, as they are a NGO that does amazing and vital work here in Jordan. We took a bus, all our instruments and costumes to the Save The Children centre in Al Mfraq. We arrived at …

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Children’s Friends Center in Amman

We woke up bright and early to catch our bus to the Children’s Friends Center in Amman. This center specifically cares for children who come from abusive families, and as such, the children had noticeably different needs. Our first program was with a group of thirty children, all around 5 years old. Looking into the eyes …

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Amman Children’s Museum Programme

As our concert wasn’t to begin until 5pm, we were able to put extra effort into our song and dance rehearsals in the morning. Following a focused morning meditation we split into our respective acts and had several hours of practice. This turned out to be exactly what we needed because the venue we performed at was …

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Our first official concert, at Talbieh Camp

Our first official concert! At Talbieh Camp. The flat we are staying in is situated above a kindergarten and today we were invited to do a workshop with the children there. They were 4 and 5 years old and were adorable. The workshop started with some name and icebreaker games. To break up the monotony …

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Jordan, An inside view

Jordan is a unique country in the Middle East. After being here many times the contrast to other countries within the region is quite marked. Though the country is surrounded by unstable and collapsing regimes, new threats such as the Islamic state, and is an Arabic country that shares a border with Israel, it has …

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A day at Al Mansour school

Today we had our second workshop with the Al Mansouri school. When we arrived we found quite a number of the children waiting outside the hall we were to have our workshops in. It seemed that they wanted to join, but many were told to go back to their respective class rooms. We were left …

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Back to Talbieh Palestinian Settlement Camp

Farhana laughs out loud in a toothless grin. Her name means happiness and she is the embodiment of good humour, making us all laugh despite the language barrier. This grandmother lives with her fifty children and grandchildren, that is they all live in Talbieh Refugee Camp. Talbieh is the smallest Palestinian Refugee Camp. It was set …

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Bishop School, on Al Rainbow Street

We woke up excited and charged for our very first event, at the Bishop School on Al Rainbow Street in Amman. We met a group of around thirty choir students aged between 14 and 18 years. Our program began with some icebreakers and then moved into more active games involving groups of three, which led to hilarious …

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