From The Streets of Kyoto

Today we had the last event on our official program schedule. In the morning we headed to the Wings building near Kyoto station, where we had a meditation workshop. It was really beautiful and everyone could enjoy the peace together. While in Tokyo we were so busy doing concerts and workshops in Kyoto we had …

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Meditation and Concert in Kyoto

This was the first day we were able to sleep in after several early mornings and unspeakably late nights.  The boys took full advantage and slept in until 11am, while the girls got up earlier and began planning the day. Once the group finally convened, we had a wonderful meditation and began practicing for our …

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Journey and Arrival in Kyoto

What an amazing day we had, having visited the Zen temple at Kamakura and sightseeing and foot soaking at the beach at Hase. It was time for us to leave Yokohama Kokusai Hotel and travel to Kyoto through a night bus. We had our own dinner and were waiting at the bus station for an …

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Zen and Meditation in Kamakura

We started the day by waking up to a pounding on our hotel door. I sprang out of bed to hear Shalini call for Sheng chia who was sleeping in the bed beside mine. I opened the door squinty eyed, Shal stood all dressed saying ‘still asleep? it’s 7.30! We have to go!’ I realised …

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Mito City, Ibaraki

We woke up this morning with the sun rising over beautiful mountain ranges. Our rooms had a wonderful view of the japanese countryside. Everything was lush and blooming and some of our group had a refreshing meditation near a mountain spring in the forest. Everyone felt very relaxed, especially coming from hectic Tokyo.  After a …

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Cultural Concert and Tour, Ibaraki

We began our Saturday with breakfast at Seminar House and straight after our Tour Bus took us to Ibaraki. It was a 3 hours journey. We all felt such a relief to be in the countryside among rice fields, greenery and hills after high-tech speedy Tokyo :). We felt such peace and harmony in the landscape, and then …

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School and University in Tokyo

Friday was a busy day as we had two workshops scheduled. It was a sunny Japanese spring morning when we all ventured to an elementary school in rural Tokyo. We set up the musical instruments in the assembly hall and by 10.30am had around 200 children of all ages sitting in front of us, all placed …

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Concert at the Embassy of India, Tokyo

Today is the day! The day of our biggest concert! so we started it in style by sleeping in till 10am. No one showed up for breakfast, we were all making the most of the first late start in a long time. Eventually we gathered and once some food had been found amongst our supplies, …

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Shibaura House, Tokyo City

We had an early start this morning to get to our first program at Shibaura House in Tokyo City. We introduced meditation to a small group of people with a guided meditation, followed by a shloka recital sung by Nicki. Everyone asked for more music, so towards the end we all sang together a few songs …

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Kindergarten in Minamiosawa

We started the day to the beautiful rising sun and made our way to the Kindergarten in the Minamiosawa area of Tokyo. The program started with the cute four year old kindergarten students who came running and giggling into the rooms. They yelled out “konichiwa!” loudly. We performed songs for the children and a dance that was both …

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