The End to an Incredible Journey

We Began the last day of the tour early at the great Pyramids of Giza, as we approached we were in ore of the scale and magnitude which they emitted. We explored one of the three great pyramids to find ourselves descending into the heart of a five thousand year old time capsule, filled with …

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All’s Well That Ends Well

Today was the last day of programs during the tour. For the grand finale, the schedule was again packed. We had a whole day program at the Cairo university. Meanwhile, there was the last inner peace workshop at Darb 1718 gallery, followed by a concert at the Swiss club. Nichola, Isa, Anand and Tara went …

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The New Family

Sitting at our makeshift dining table eating the delicious Baskin and Robins ice cream cake that was brought by one of our guests to our dinner party, I’m reminded of all of the beautiful people that we have come to be friends with in Egypt in this short time. The 11th of September started with …

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The Last Art Gallery

Today we had another program which took place at the Mashrabia, Gallery of Contemporary Art in Cairo. We had a wonderful meditation, music and really thoughtful and deep conversations with the people at the program and lots of dancing! It was a very joyful program. At the end we even had a special performance by …

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SOS, Alexandria

This morning Sofia, Tara, Sadhu, Daisy, Lucia, Madhava, Kamal, Prasad, Jigar, Anand and I woke up with the hotel window open letting in a beautiful regenerating breeze from the see. Our first workshop of the day, was at a children’s village in Alexandria further in land. We met with the director and stuff of the …

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I Found a New Me

“I found a new me”. One of the best responses I’ve heard on this tour so far. Alexandria has been different from Cairo in terms of weather, people and vibe since its located near the Mediterranean sea. After a three hour bus ride we reached a very fancy wedding hall with lights from beneath the …

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Art Lounge, Cairo

After feasting on a breakfast of fruit salad, crepes and nutella, those of us who remained at the flat started a weary yet inspired session of brainstorming and planning activities, introsoective exercises and balancing techniques for our programs over the next few days. We were treated to a delicious Egyptian lunch with our lovely neighbor …

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Creative Art Workshop and Children’s Museum Concert

Today we were split up into 3 groups; the first group which I was part of went to Darb to do a meditation workshop and an art programme. We left at 9AM for the first workshop which was at 11AM. Few people turned up but the small group that did were very interested, having already …

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Darb 1718 Opening Concert

Today we had an opening concert for our inner peace art exhibition at Darb 1718 located at the Fustat area, Old Cairo. The gallery is an amazing space which exposes the art pieces that were brought together from all over the world, with the theme of inner peace. Our stage was located on a roof …

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First day with AIESEC

Today was our first day with AIESEC. We met up with fifteen members. Finding the location of the workshop was difficult. In the end it was absolutely worth it as the people there were very open minded and open hearted. During the workshop we were able to explain some of the main ideas of meditation …

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