Back with Save The Children

Our past Jordan Tour was spent working with Save The Children, so we were excited to work with them again, as they are a NGO that does amazing and vital work here in Jordan. We took a bus, all our instruments and costumes to the Save The Children centre in Al Mfraq. We arrived at …

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Back to Talbieh Palestinian Settlement Camp

Farhana laughs out loud in a toothless grin. Her name means happiness and she is the embodiment of good humour, making us all laugh despite the language barrier. This grandmother lives with her fifty children and grandchildren, that is they all live in Talbieh Refugee Camp. Talbieh is the smallest Palestinian Refugee Camp. It was set …

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Concert at the Embassy of India, Tokyo

Today is the day! The day of our biggest concert! so we started it in style by sleeping in till 10am. No one showed up for breakfast, we were all making the most of the first late start in a long time. Eventually we gathered and once some food had been found amongst our supplies, …

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A Day of Adventures

After having started the day late, we got lost in Zaatari. Our driver did not know where we were supposed to go for our workshop. We went to numerous child centres at the camp, until at last we were told we were expected. But we had been expecting some mothers and youths. Instead we were …

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